Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A National Food Policy, with Mark Bittman among the authors - tell me more!

My issue of Catalyst arrived yesterday and in it some fantastic articles!
In my spare time (ha) I do whatever I can to support our local start-up food cooperative, the Friends and Farmers Cooperative. One of our strongest missions is to make whole, local, well-produced food more convenient to customers in central PA. (If you are in Central PA, you can take advantage of our online market... order Friday-Monday, pick-up or home delivery ($5) is on Tuesday.)
In this issue of Catalyst, I found out that Mark Bittman is now a fellow at the Union of Concerned Scientists! And he's helping develop and promote a National Food Policy that would address food issues comprehensively including health consequences, social equity issues for consumers and workers, and national systemic economic structures. The complete article, authored by Bittman along with Olivier de SchutterMichael Pollan, and Ricardo Salvador, is on medium.
I've been a UCS supporter since 1993... For more than 20 years, I've believed in their effectiveness at translating rock-solid science into sound well-crafted public policy. When I found out one of my heros in food philosophy had joined UCS... I sent them another $20.

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